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Bookkeeping Services

As a small business owner it is much more rewarding to focus on the growth of your business rather than the cumbersome task of performing your own bookkeeping. We take care of your books for you, so you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits!

Each month or quarter SHS will handle the following tasks:

  • Data Entry
  • Bank Account Reconciliations
  • Credit Card and Loan Statement Reconciliations
  • Financial Statement Generation and Reporting
  • QuickBooks and Peachtree Support

SHS services form the solid foundation of your small business accounting system. You can customize the package of services you receive by adding payroll, SwipeClock(Timekeeping), employee benefits, Human Resources consulting, workman’s comp pay-as-you-go and CFO services allowing us to create and implement a strategic plan for your business.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconciling your business checking account each month allow us to keep your bank account, accounting, and taxes up-to-date.

Having us reconcile your account each month allows SHS to:

  • Identify lost checks and deposits, unauthorized¬† transactions and unjustified bank charges, fraudulent or forged checks
  • Detect and prevent embezzlement
  • Allow you to manage your cash effectively

Profit & Loss Statement

A Profit & Loss statement allows you to examine your performance for a particular period of time.

  • Track revenues and expenses for optimal business performance 
  • Identify budget overages and shortfalls
  • Determine tax liabilities

Balance Sheet

A balance sheet gives you a snapshot of your business' financial condition at a specific moment in time.

A balance sheet helps you:

  • Analyze trends in receivables and payables
  • Identify the potential for expansion
  • Analyze cash reserves and shortages

Balance sheets, along with income statements, are the most basic elements in providing financial reporting to potential lenders such as banks, investors, and vendors who are considering how much credit to grant you.

Maintaining a Clean General Ledger

The general ledger is the core of your company's financial records. These records constitute the central "books" of your system. Since every transaction flows through the general ledger, a problem with your general ledger throws off all your books.

Having SHS review your general ledger system each month allows us to hunt down any discrepancies such as double billings or any unrecorded payments. Then we'll fix the discrepancies so your books are always accurate and kept in tip top shape.


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